• Hemp Wipes 10 pack

    These Hemp Wipes come in a pack of 10 (20x20cm). These natural Hemp wipes are a must have for all cloth nappy families. Simply wash and reuse. Perfect for baby at bath or changing time and great for family facial wipes and washcloths. Super absorbent for cleaning up your little one. Each rounded corner Hemp jersey cloth is serged for a neat edge. Pre-washed to avoid shrinkage, dyed and sewn in-house. Care Instructions:
    • Wash with like items or your cloth nappies
    • Do not bleach, use fabric softener or dryer sheets
    • Tumble dry on low heat or hang to dry
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  • Super Nappy Wash 3 pack

    Super Nappy Wash has been specially formulated to eliminate odours and stains in cloth nappies. This detergent cleans, deodorises, kills 99% of all bacteria, fungi & viruses and spores, whilst being completely safe for baby, your nappies and the environment.
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Biodegradable
    • Non-Irritant
    • Non-Toxic
    • Non-Corrosive
    • Free of Parabens, Triclosan & Nitorsamine foaming agents
    Can be used in a Washing Machine, hand washing or even a soak for stubborn smells and stains. 3 x 500ml (average 20 washes) Contains the unique active ingredient G-Cide. Super Nappy Wash is completely safe and conforms to pharmaceutical protocols used in hospitals and on skin, so it is completely safe on all fibres. Super Nappy Wash does not replace your regular detergent, it boosts your wash routine if you are battling with odours and stains. Washing Machine: Use 30-40ml for a Top Loader or 30ml for a Front loader on a normal cycle which should include a rinse with clean water. There is no need for additional detergents if you are using Super Nappy Wash. Hand Washing: Pour 20ml Super Nappy Wash into a bath, bucket or suitable container filled with 10 litres cold or lukewarm water. Submerge the nappies in the soapy water, and wash by hand with a gentle kneading motion, allow to soak for 5-10 minutes. After washing, rinse with clean water and hang out to air dry. For stubborn odours and stains, let the items soak for up to 60 mins in Super Nappy Wash. Do not soak overnight.
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  • Newborn Full Time Pack

    This Pack includes everything you need to cloth nappy your newborn full time. It includes day and night time nappies as well as accessories. All nappies are newborn size (approximately 2 – 7kg). This Pack contains the following: 10 Newborn All-In-One Nappies (2 Bamboo inserts sewn into each nappy) 14 Hemp Flats (50x50cm) 3 Newborn Covers 3 Newborn Bamboo Fitted Nappy 3 Soft Shell Cover 4 Hemp Booster pads 15 Fleece Liners 3 Snappi 1 roll of Bamboo nappy liners – biodegradable (100 liners per roll) 1 Super Nappy Wash (500ml)
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  • Biodegradable Nappy Liners

    Bamboo Nappy Liners are Biodegradable/Anti-bacterial/compostable and are made of 100% Bamboo Viscose. So again, you will always have all natural material against baby’s delicate skin. Bamboo is soft against baby’s skin and has antibacterial qualities which make it the ideal material to use for a nappy liner. To use the liner, lay it inside the nappy (sitting closest to baby’s skin). Moisture passes through the liner into the nappy, solids remain on liner. Remove and discard when changing nappy (cut or fold in half for newborns). Each roll contains 100 Bamboo Nappy Liners (sized 17 x 29cm) which are perforated for easy use. It is important to note that although these liners are biodegradable, caution should be taken if you choose to flush the liners in the toilet, especially if you have a septic tank or older sewerage system.
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  • Bum Balm

    We have had a fancy baby bum balm made just for you. Our locally handcrafted balm is organic and natural, safe for baby’s bum and your cloth nappies. The finest ingredients have been selected to ensure that baby’s skin is kept nourished and moisturized. Our formulation is safe for sensitive skin and effective in the fight against rashes and dryness. We have included Essential Oils to help calm and sooth even the fussiest of babies. Ingredients: Sunflower oil; stearic acid; coconut oil, castor oil, beeswax, Sweet Almond oil, shea butter, Carnauba wax, squalene, avocado oil; Vitamin E acetate; Lavender essential oil
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  • Hemp Booster Pad

    Hemp Booster Pads are smaller than our normal nappy inserts making them the perfect size to boost All-In-One Nappies, Hemp Flats and Newborn Nappies. 3 Layers of Hemp, size: 23 x 9cm.
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  • Hemp Insert

    These inserts are 55% Hemp/45% Organic Cotton fleece. Hemp inserts are super-absorbent, comfy and soft, providing a more absorbent natural alternative to Bamboo. Our Hemp inserts are the same size as both our Bamboo and Microfibre inserts making them easy to pair with or replace with your other Fancypants inserts – depending on the situation. They measure approximately 34 x 12.5cm. *Please note that your new Hemp inserts will need up to 10 washes to reach their full absorbency.
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  • All-In-One Nappy

    All-In-One's are a wonderful, hassle free way to cloth diaper. AIO’s are so popular because they are the easiest way to cloth nappy your baby. No stuffing, folding or separating parts – just put the nappy on, take it off, wash, dry and repeat. Our AIO’s include two inserts which are sewn in (size: 30 x 13cm). Each insert contains 3 layers of soft, ultra-absorbent bamboo/cotton fleece. One insert is topped with suede cloth to keep baby’s bum nice and dry. Our AIO’s have fully adjustable waist and leg snaps (one size fits most: approx. 5–17kgs). The outershell is PUL coated to make the nappy waterproof but the entire inside of the nappy is lined with suede cloth to ensure only soft material touches baby’s delicate skin and the nappy dries quickly.
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  • Bamboo Insert

    These inserts are 70% Bamboo/30% Cotton fleece. Bamboo inserts are ultra-absorbent, comfy and soft, providing a natural alternative to Microfibre. Our Bamboo inserts are the same size as our normal Microfibre inserts making them easy to pair with or replace your Microfibre inserts – depending on the situation. They measure approximately 32 x 12.5cm and include 3 layers of Bamboo/Cotton fleece. *Please note that your new Bamboo inserts will need up to 10 washes to reach their full absorbency.
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