Part Time Nappy Pack

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Our part time nappy pack includes everything you need to cloth nappy your baby including a few of each of our styles of nappies so that you have the perfect nappy any time of day. All nappies are one-size-fits-most (approximately 5 – 17 kg). Each pack of 11 nappies includes:

4 Originals Pocket Nappies with bamboo inserts (8 Bamboo inserts in total)
3 Basics Pocket Nappies with Microfibre inserts (6 Microfibre inserts in total)
3 All-In-One Nappies (2 inserts sewn into each nappy)
1 Hemp Fitted Nappy (specifically for nighttime use)
1 Fleece Cover
1 Trifold
2 Fleece Liners
2 rolls of Bamboo nappy liners – natural against babies skin and biodegradable (100 liners per roll)
1 Wetbag
1 Fancypants Bum Balm
1 Super Nappy Wash (500ml)


  • *Fancypants Originals

    INSTRUCTIONS: Select 4 colours below

    *Fancypants Basics

    INSTRUCTIONS: Select 3 prints below

    *Fancypants All-In-One

    INSTRUCTIONS: Select 3 prints below

    *Hemp Fitted Nappy


    *Fleece Cover



    INSTRUCTIONS: Select 1

    *Fleece Liners Assorted


    *Biodegradable Liners

    INSTRUCTIONS: Select 2

    Fancypants Wetbag

    INSTRUCTIONS: Select 1 print below

    *Bum Balm

    INSTRUCTIONS: Select 1

    Super Nappy Wash

    INSTRUCTIONS: Select 1 below

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Weight 4.2 kg


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