Originals Pocket Nappy 10 pack

Our Originals nappies are made with a soft waterproof outer fabric and are lined with a plush 70% Bamboo/30% organic Cotton material and feature a double opening pocket design for ease of washing. This nappy is One Size Fits Most, and fit babies (approximately 5 to 17kgs). . Each nappy comes with two absorbing inserts.  Please choose below between Microfibre or Bamboo Inserts.

Includes a 500ml bottle of Super Nappy Wash

From: R2,457.00

  • *Insert Options

    Each Nappy comes with 2 Inserts. Please choose between Microfibre or Bamboo Inserts.

    *Colour options

    INSTRUCTIONS: Select 10 x Nappies from colours below

    *Super Nappy Wash



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