Newborn Nappy 10 Pack

Our newborn nappies have an umbilical snap which snaps down to ensure the cord dries quickly and our Newborn nappies are nice and small to snuggly fit babies from approximately 2.5-6kg.

Each pack includes:

10 Newborn nappies – with 4 inserts sewn into the lining so no stuffing, folding, or snapping of inserts
1 roll of Bamboo nappy liners – all natural against babies skin and biodegradable (each roll includes 100 liners)
1 x Fancypants Bum Balm

R2,075 R1,867.50

  • Fancypants Newborn

    INSTRUCTIONS: Select 10

    *Biodegradable Liners

    INSTRUCTIONS: Select 1

    *Bum Balm

    INSTRUCTIONS: Select 1


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