Male Dog Diaper 3 pack


For best fit, please consult the measurement table and guide above.

Doggie Diapers are perfect for dogs with urinary incontinence issues.

Our machine washable Doggie Diapers are soft, comfortable, breathable and environmentally friendly. By switching to washable doggie diapers you will save money and you will no longer need to purchase disposables which will end up in a landfill after a single use.

The belly band Cover is made from soft, stretchy TPU fabric which is waterproof. The diaper is closed over the back of the dog with a soft velcro band. The inner layer is a soft, breathable mesh fabric. Inside the diaper you will find 3 layers of absorbing Microfibre sewn in.

Change diapers at least every 3-4 hours. It’s best if you replace a diaper as soon as it is soiled. Allowing urine or faeces to sit against your dog’s skin can lead to infections and make it uncomfortable for your pet.

Sizing: Measure your dog at the narrowest point around waist. Make sure you can get a couple of fingers comfortably under the waistband around your dog’s tummy to ensure your pet is comfortable. If your dog is in between sizes, factor in their weight. For a heavier dog, go up a size. For a skinny dog, go down a size.

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Close velcro before washing.
Turn product inside out so that the white fabric is exposed.
Machine wash is preferred in order to clean the nappy thoroughly, up to 40C.
Line dry nappy in the sun. Do not tumble dry.
Nappies can be safely washed with any detergent that does not contain fabric softener.
Additional Tips
DO NOT use fabric softeners
DO NOT soak nappies
DO NOT use bleach
Stain removal: gently rub stains with Sunlight bar, hang in sun to dry after re-washing. If you notice an odour when your nappies are wet, stripping may be necessary. Try a wash without detergent. Then do a second wash with Super Nappy Wash. The key to delaying residue build up is to rinse your nappies thoroughly.
Bamboo Baby’s Super Nappy Wash
We highly recommend our Super Nappy Wash. This detergent boosts your regular wash routine by deep cleaning your nappies. It also helps with stains, kills 99.9% of all bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores. Super Nappy Wash is completely safe for your nappies and our environment.


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