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  • Originals Pocket Nappy

    Our Originals nappies are made with a soft waterproof outer fabric and are lined with a plush 70% Bamboo/30% organic Cotton material and feature a double opening pocket design for ease of washing. This nappy is One Size Fits Most, and fit babies (approximately 5 to 17kgs). Each nappy comes with two absorbing inserts. Please choose below between Microfibre or Bamboo Inserts.
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  • Basic Pocket Nappy

    The BASICS range is the same design as our much loved and trusted Originals nappies and comes with a choice between two Microfibre or Bamboo/Organic Cotton inserts. The difference is the cute patterned outer and each nappy is lined with a soft suede cloth which helps keep baby’s bum dry. Please note that suede cloth is a synthetic polyester material. If you prefer natural materials please see our Originals range as these ranges are made with a bamboo/cotton lining. One size only and fit most babies (approximately 5 to 17kgs). View product video.
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  • Hemp Fitted Nappy

    Perfect for heavy-wetters or for use as a night-nappy. Made of 100% natural fibres (55% Hemp/45% organic Cotton) our Hemp Fitted Nappy comes with an outer nappy and 2 inserts (each 3 layers of the same material of Hemp/organic Cotton). The larger insert can be snapped into the back of the nappy and folded over to give extra absorbency. The smaller insert can be placed where you need it most. That gives you 9 layers of absorbency in the ‘wet zone’ plus the actual nappy itself. One size fits most: approx. 5–17kgs with fully adjustable leg and waist snaps. A very thirsty nappy which must be used in conjunction with our Covers.
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  • All-In-One Nappy

    All-In-One's are a wonderful, hassle free way to cloth diaper. AIO’s are so popular because they are the easiest way to cloth nappy your baby. No stuffing, folding or separating parts – just put the nappy on, take it off, wash, dry and repeat. Our AIO’s include two inserts which are sewn in (size: 30 x 13cm). Each insert contains 3 layers of soft, ultra-absorbent bamboo/cotton fleece. One insert is topped with suede cloth to keep baby’s bum nice and dry. Our AIO’s have fully adjustable waist and leg snaps (one size fits most: approx. 5–17kgs). The outershell is PUL coated to make the nappy waterproof but the entire inside of the nappy is lined with suede cloth to ensure only soft material touches baby’s delicate skin and the nappy dries quickly.
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  • Newborn All-In-One Nappy

    Each nappy is lovingly crafted and has a waterproof outer and soft suede-cloth inner, with double leg gussets. The best part is that the inserts (2 layers of highly absorbent Bamboo and 1 layer of Microfibre) are sewn into the nappy on one side so they can flap open, making it extremely easy to use and fast drying. Each nappy has 3 rise snap adjustments to make the sizing just right and includes an umbilical cord snap that serves to expose the umbilical cord so that it can naturally dry.  We decided to keep it simple and classic and provide our newborn nappies only in our natural coconut colour.  Our newborn nappies are made to fit the smallest babies and fit most babies from approximately 2-7kgs. Can be boosted with a Hemp Booster Pad.
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  • Bamboo Fitted Newborn Nappy

    The Bamboo Fitted Newborn Nappy is the perfect night time solution. The outer is a soft bamboo cotton velour while the inside is a luxurious bamboo cotton fleece (70% bamboo/30% cotton). This nappy has 2 inserts in the same 100% natural, super absorbent fabric. The larger insert is snapped into the back of the nappy and folded over to give extra absorbency. The smaller insert can be placed in the wet zone. That gives you 9 layers of absorbency where you need it most, plus the actual nappy. This is a Newborn size (fits 2 - 7kg) with umbilical cord snap down and waist snaps. Use is amazing nappy conjunction with a waterproof cover for up to 8 hours of absorption. Please note this Nappy requires a Cover. We highly recommend our Newborn Softshell Cover.
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