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The successful development of the Fancypants brand of nappies has led to the development of other planet-friendly, natural products. We discovered Soapnuts laundry detergent and quickly found that Bamboo nappy liners were a must! And we are proud to announce that we are stockists of our very own Baby Bum Balm as well as producing our Hemp flats in-house. See below for more information on these exciting products.


A soapnut is a 100% bio-degradable, all natural berry that is an antibacterial and mild foaming cleanser containing high levels of saponins. Soapnuts are not actually nuts at all – they are berries. Soapnuts are highly effective as a laundering agent and do not contain any chemicals. These natural wonders allow you to wash your nappies without using substances that are harmful to babies or to the environment.

The Sapindus Mukorossi tree, also known as the Soapnut tree grows in the Himalayan Mountain Ranges. The tree takes nine years to mature and then drops its berries naturally for 90 years.  The fruit is wild-harvested, the inner seed is removed and the shell is then dried in the sun, naturally, without using any chemicals.  The remaining dried shell is what we know and love as the soapnut.

Simply place a few soapnuts (3-6) into the small wash bag provided and place it in the machine with your washing. The saponins in the shell of the Soapnut act as a natural surfactant in the water – freeing dirt, grime and soil from laundry. When the laundry is rinsed, the saponins and the dirt are washed away without harming the environment. You can even use the grey water in your garden. Soapnuts will leave your nappies clean and fresh without the need to add any chemical fabric softeners or conditioners.

One wash bag of soapnuts can be used to wash approximately 4 to 5 loads of laundry for washing at temperatures of 30 – 60 degrees Celsius, and for 2 – 3 loads at higher temperatures. Based on this, one 500 gram bag of soapnuts will wash approximately 90 – 100 loads of laundry.   Talk about economical – that’s a lot of loads of laundry!  And, even though one 500 gram package will last you months longer than normal detergent, there’s no need to worry about storage.  Soapnuts are easy to store. They just need to be stored in a relatively dry, room temperature environment and should be out of direct sunlight. If you are in a very moist environment use of an airtight container may be helpful. Nothing special needs to be done by the average user for short-term storage (less than a year).

Other useful info

Soapnuts work in hot and cold water washes.  The saponin in soapnuts releases quickly into hot water, and more slowly in cold water. When washing in hot water you only need the equivalent of three whole soapnuts per load. They’ll release all of their saponin in about one wash. When washing with cold water, up to 5 nuts and reuse them up to 6 times.  Alternatively, pre-soak your cotton sack containing soapnuts in a little  hot water to release the saponin. After a couple minutes of soaking, add the  mixture to the cold-water wash.

There is also no need to remove the soapnuts from the rinse cycle. There’s no soapy residue to rinse away! The little bit of saponin left in the rinse adds softness and body to your nappies and clothes.

Soapnuts are 100%  natural, safe and hypoallergenic.  We recommend them for babies and people with sensitive skin. In Indian Ayurvedic medicine, soapnuts are used traditionally  to treat skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis. With soapnuts, there’s  nothing between you and your clothes but Mother Nature!

A completely natural mild detergent that’s inexpensive, safe for baby and harmless to the environment – now that’s fancy too!

Bamboo Liners

Our Bamboo Nappy Liners are made of 100% Bamboo. So again, you will always have all natural material against baby’s delicate skin. Bamboo is soft against baby’s skin and has antibacterial qualities which make it the ideal material to use for a nappy liner. And of course we wanted our liners to be as easy to use as possible – that’s why they are flushable and biodegradable. Try a pack of Bamboo liners and you’ll see that they are easy to use and make clean up a breeze.

To use the liner, lay it inside the nappy (sitting closest to baby’s skin). Moisture passes through the liner into the nappy, solids remain on liner. Remove and discard when changing nappy (cut or fold in half for newborns).

Each roll contains 100 Bamboo Nappy Liners (sized 14cm x 34cm) which are perforated for easy use.

It is important to note that although these liners are biodegradable, caution should be taken if you choose to flush the liners in the toilet, especially if you have a septic tank or older sewerage system.

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