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Have a look at some of the reasons why our Fancypants nappies are so great:

“What is the difference between Bamboo inserts and Microfibre inserts?

With any Fancypants nappy that you buy you have the option of having 2 x Bamboo Inserts (Bamboo nappies) or 2 x Microfibre insert (Microfibre Nappies).

Both materials are awesome but have different functions – you decide what works best for you!

Bamboo is a super absorbent natural fibre with a luxuriously soft feel that becomes more absorbent the more you wash (reaching full absorbency in up to 10 washes). Although it absorbs well, it does not absorb quickly and can take quite a while to dry (significantly longer than Microfibre). However, 3 layers of our Bamboo/Cotton fleece are thinner than 3 layers of Microfibre so the nappy is less bulky if you use Bamboo inserts. The Bamboo inserts can get a little stiff when wet but Bamboo is a completely natural material so can go against baby’s delicate skin, which is a bonus. It is also from a fast renewable source, so it’s great for the environment. Bamboo is more expensive than Microfibre, but it’s great for boosting or for night-time use – or if you just prefer to have natural materials in and around baby’s bum.

Microfibre inserts are the quick-dry option for a cloth nappy. Microfibre is a nice, quick absorber that wicks the moisture away from baby’s bum quickly, so baby doesn’t sit with wet patches. Since Microfibre should not go against baby’s delicate skin (as it can cause dryness), Fancypants hides the Microfibre inserts in a Bamboo/organic Cotton pocket, ensuring that only natural materials touch baby’s skin. If necessary, Microfibre inserts can be bleached, unlike the natural fibre fabrics. They will become more absorbent the more you wash them but can be used after just one wash. If you have limited drying space or time and a limited budget, then these are the inserts for you.

What do I need to get started?”

When buying cloth nappies from us, the only thing you need is the nappy. Each nappy you purchase comes with two inserts. You’ll need one insert during the daytime for the first 12-18months – after that time you’ll need two inserts during the day. You may also wish to start adding the second insert to your night time nappy somewhere around 6 months. Although not required, many people also purchase nappy liners. Our Biodegradable Nappy Liners are a thin layer of Bamboo that you can place on the nappy that helps to catch any solids and make changing the nappy quicker and easier.

We recommend that you aim for a stash of 20 nappies to be a full time cloth nappy family.

How many reusable cloth nappies do I need?

It depends on how many times a week you plan on washing your nappies. Assuming you’ll do five nappy changes a day, 10 nappies would last two days and 20 nappies would last four days. Our experience has shown that the more nappies you buy the more convenient it is for you because it saves time as it requires less wash cycles. And, it’s more environmentally friendly because you wash fewer loads of laundry. That being said we do not advise that you leave your nappies for longer than 3 days between wash cycles.

How often should I change a Fancypants nappy?

Our nappies need to be changed every 3-4 hours (similar to what you should be doing with a disposable nappy). Obviously you’ll need to change them sooner if there is a poo.

How do I fit a Fancypants nappy?

Place the insert in the pocket, stretch the nappy and smooth the insert flat as you pull your hand out of the other side of the nappy. The nappy size can be adjusted using the snaps along the waist and legs.

How do I ensure the nappy fits properly?

After putting the nappy on baby, observe how it fits around the legs and bum. If you see gaps between the nappy and the skin then the fit should be adjusted. Use the adjustable waist snaps to ensure the nappy fits snuggly around the back and waist.

How do I wash the nappies?

New nappies need to be washed once prior to use. Once used, store the soiled nappies in a dry (covered) container until laundry day. Wash the nappies in one short cycle with cold water and no detergent. Then wash the nappies in one normal wash cycle with cold or warm water (up to 40 degrees Celsius) and Super Nappy Wash (or an acceptable detergent) and rinse one additional time. Please ensure you use enough water. We have found that the biggest factor that leads to build-up on nappies is not using enough water. Your nappies need plenty of water and enough space to slush around in to ensure they come out nice and clean. We strongly advise that you ensure your washing machine is loaded to the manufacturers recommendation. Agitation is an important part of the wash cycle to ensure clean nappies. Please note that you do not have to use warm water – it is a personal choice and many people only have cold water available on their machines. Please see read our detailed care instructions on our Washing Tips tab.

What detergent can I use?

You can use any detergent that is cloth diaper friendly. When choosing your detergent please ensure the detergent does not contain dyes, enzymes, perfumes, whiteners or brighteners – these will coat your nappies over time and make them repel rather than absorb moisture. Do not use bleaches, fabric softeners, or stain removal products. Check our Washing Tips tab for a comprehensive list of suitable laundry detergents.

Can I wash my Fancypants nappies all together? Are they colourfast?

Absolutely! You can wash all your fancy coloured nappies in the same wash regardless of the colour. They are completely colourfast so wash with confidence!

Can I use bum cream?

We do not encourage the use of traditional bum creams. The Zinc and Petroleum content can damage and impair the absorbency of the nappy. If you chose to use bum cream just ensure that you place a liner in the nappy to protect nappy.

Because we know that those delicate bums sometimes require a bit of pampering we have had a baby bum balm handcrafted that is organic and natural, safe for baby’s bum and your cloth nappies.

Should I soak the nappies in a sterilizing solution or cleanser?”

Do NOT soak the nappies in any type of sterilizing solution or water as this will interfere with the absorbency of the nappy.

Aren’t you wasting more water by washing nappies versus using disposables?” 

When you use cloth diapers, the waste (water and fecal matter) goes where it is supposed to– the septic or sewer system, not in the ground. Sure, it uses water to wash them, but it is the equivalent of a few flushed toilets a day, which is way less harmful to the environment than toxic and non-biodegradable materials in a landfill. It is also worth considering that it takes about 34 litres to manufacture one disposable nappy.


Warranty, Returns & Refunds

We strongly advise that you read our Washing Tips carefully. Should you have any questions or uncertainties please contact us directly for guidance and troubleshooting.

Product Warranty:

Fancypants guarantee the workmanship and materials in a properly cared for nappy for six months from the date of purchase.

This warranty covers all components of our nappies including the snaps, hook & loop, lining, elastic and waterproofing. The warranty is extended to the original purchaser of the products only.

To make a warranty claim, you must email us at info@fancypantsproducts.co.za

Please provide:

  1. Proof of purchase from us or an authorized retailer/agent
  2. A clear description of the issue
  3. A photo of the issue

After reviewing your claim and clarifying any details, we may replace the nappy or provide you with simple instructions for resolving the problem you are having. Please note that nappies that are defective will be replaced with a nappy of equal or greater value and not a monetary refund.

Except when caused by manufacturing or component defect, this guarantee does not cover leaking, nappy odour or normal wear/tear.

Warranty is void when:

  1. The washing instructions have not been followed.
  2. The nappy has been altered.
  3. Product was purchased through an unauthorized retailer or agent.
  4. Any of the following has been used in conjunction with the use/care of the product:
  • Water temperatures exceeding 40°C
  • A detergent containing additives (enzymes, brighteners, whiteners, dyes, perfumes, essential oils) or natural soap
  • Fabric softeners
  • Soaking or incorrect soiled nappy storage
  • Any caustic substance
  • Nappy rash cream without a liner to protect the nappy

We strongly advise that you read our Washing Instructions and FAQs information carefully. Should you have any questions or uncertainties please contact us directly for guidance and troubleshooting.

Returns and Refunds

New and unused nappies can be returned at the consumers expense within two weeks from date of purchase. The nappies must be in their original state and will not be accepted it they have been used in anyway this includes if they have been washed.

Please note that in the interest of public safety we cannot accept the return of used nappies for hygiene reasons.

General wear and tear

Most mums expect at least 2 years of use out of their cloth nappies. If you have a large stash of nappies you will be using them less which means washing them less which means they will suffer less wear and tear thereby lasting longer.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers cannot be exchanged or refunded for cash or credit.

Gift Vouchers cannot be used to buy other Gift Vouchers. They do not accrue interest and are not refundable for cash. If the value of a Gift Voucher is insufficient for the order you wish to place, you may make up the difference by paying via one of our other payment methods.

Shipping Costs

Fancypants will cover the shipping costs if:

  1. The defect is covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty
  2. There was a mistake on our part with regards to the order

The consumer will be liable for the shipping costs if:

  1. The items are being returned for exchange
  2. The courier/post office failed to make the delivery

Courier fees are non-refundable.


How much does shipping cost and how long will it take? 

All our deliveries are dispatched with tracking information. We will forward the number and courier contact details to you as soon as your order has been sent. Orders are only dispatched once full payment has been confirmed.

We encourage you to check that you have entered the correct delivery address, postal code and contact numbers to ensure that your order reaches you safely. Parcels that are deemed undeliverable by the courier service will be returned to our offices. Please note that you will be charged for the redispatch of your nappies.

Our shipping fees are calculated by the value of your order as well as the destination. We strive to keep shipping costs down and be environmentally conscious by not adding additional packaging and removing the plastic wrappers from your nappies.

We use Fastway to ship your nappies nationwide. The fees are calculated on the order size and the delivery area. Major City Centre parcels are between R65 – R125 and where not overnight will be 2-3 working days from dispatch. You will be able to track your parcel on their website and find the relevant contact information should you have a query.

For regional areas, the delivery charge is R160 with Fastway. If you would prefer a more economical rate, we recommend that you select Pargo. Once your order has been received, we will email you for your preferred Pick-Up Point. When your order has been dispatched, we will forward you the tracking information.

Occasionally we will receive an order that falls outside the fee charged on checkout. This can happen when a Postal Code covers national and regional areas. We will contact you with the correct fees and your options.

To confirm that you have the best shipping option, select your items and then VIEW CART. Under CART TOTALS click Change address and add your postal code for the best Shipping option.

If you are uncertain about your delivery options based on your area or order size, please email us directly and we will advise your best options: info@fancypantsproducts.co.za

Please note that our Collection option is only in Westville, Durban. If this option is selected, we will contact you to schedule your collection date and time. Please note, collection appointments will only be scheduled during office hours.

International Shipping?

Experience tells us that shipping from South Africa across the border is awfully expensive and that it is far more reasonable for clients to book their own couriers.
We are happy to ship to local addresses or accommodate direct collections.
We can recommend the following:
1. Ship to a friend or family member that is planning a visit or business trip.
2. Find a runner that can assist you with your parcel.
3. Set up an account with an international courier like Aramex, DHL or FedEx and we will ship to their local office.