Cloth Nappies

Have a look at some of the reasons why our Fancypants nappies are so great:

Made with quality materials

Fancypants reusable cloth nappies are made, where possible, with natural materials. All our nappies have a soft stylish waterproof outer. Our Originals nappies are lined with a plush 70% Bamboo/30% organic Cotton material and each nappy comes with two highly absorbent Microfibre or Bamboo/Cotton inserts. Our Hemp Fitted Nappy is 100% natural made from a Hemp/Cotton blend and is ultra absorbent so perfect for night time use. Our Newborn, AIO and Basics ranges are all lined with a ‘stay-dry’ suede-cloth or microfleece to keep baby’s bum extra dry. Unlike disposables, our nappies contain no harmful absorbency chemicals just material! This means they are comfortable and healthy for your baby. Make no mistake – the material against your baby’s skin 24 hours a day matters. Make sure it’s quality.

One Size

Our washable nappies are available in two conveniently adjustable sizes to cover all your needs. All our nappies have adjusting snaps along the waist and along the legs to grow with your baby. Our Newborn nappy is suitable for a baby from 2 – 6kgs and our One Size Fits Most nappies which will cover a baby from 5 – 17kgs. You only need to buy one size reusable cloth nappy from 5kgs to potty training, not two or three different sizes depending on baby’s weight!


Disposable Nappy Cost Calculation
Size Time in size Changes / day # of nappies Average cost Total cost
1 12 weeks 12 1 008 R2.36 R2 379
2 12 weeks 10 840 R2.50 R2 100
3 12 weeks 8 672 R2.77 R1 861
4 16 weeks 6 672 R3.37 R2 265
5 24 weeks 6 1 008 R3.91 R3 941
6 28 weeks 6 1 176 R4.22 R4 963
Total Cost R17 509

If you purchase 20 reusable nappies you would save over R10,000!

Easy to use

Fancypants have been designed with moms and dads (as well as grandparents and caretakers) in mind. Simply stuff the insert inside the pocket of the nappy or fold the flaps flat in the nappy, place under baby’s bum and fasten it along the waist, similar to the way you would fasten a disposable diaper. The all in one design means no folding, pinning or covers.


Fancypants are designed for durability. Our nappies have strong durable snaps that will withstand constant use. They are also designed for lots of washing and can be line or tumble dried on a no/low heat setting. We also offer a six month manufacturer warranty on our nappies. Of course, properly looked after nappies will last 2 – 3 years and often 2 – 3 children

We are a local company, we care about our customers’ satisfaction and we stand behind our brand!

Easy to Wash

We’ve made washing our nappies incredibly easy. Simply remove baby’s soiled nappy, flush the liner down the toilet and toss the dirty nappy into a dry bucket with a lid. When it’s laundry time, dump the contents of the bucket into the washing machine and relax because here comes the fancy part – the inserts in our pocket range of nappies agitate out of the pocket during the washing cycle so no need for you to remove them in advance. You may not appreciate that now, but once you start washing your nappies you will understand why this concept is so ingenious!


So, if you’re considering using cloth nappies, you’re on the right track. Check out these other reasons why you’ll never go back to disposable nappies:

Environmentally Friendly

Disposable nappies are consuming our landfills. Each child in disposable nappies produces approximately 2 tons of non-biodegradable waste in the 2.5 years they are in nappies. This figure rises significantly with the current trend towards delayed potty training. Re-usable cloth nappies are an easy way for you and your family to reduce your carbon footprint, one nappy at a time. Cloth nappy users can further reduce their environmental impact by:

  • Line or air drying wherever possible and avoid using the tumble dryer
  • Not washing above 40°C (Fancypants nappies only need to be washed at 40°C anyway)
  • Reusing nappies on other children
  • Making sure your washing machine has an A rating for energy efficiency.
  • If your machine does not adjust the water volume to the weight of the load automatically, then always wash a full load.
  • Towels and other items of clothes can be added to make a full load.
  • If using liners – choosing natural Bamboo liners that biodegrade
  • Using flushable, biodegradable wipes
  • Using environmentally friendly cleaning agents/detergents free of harmful chemicals.
  • We recommend using our Soapnuts – a completely natural AND economical detergent alternative
  • Selling or passing on your nappies when you are finished with them

Healthier Baby

We’ve all heard that disposable nappies can be harmful, but how so? The Guide to Less Toxic Products from the Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia gives a simple summary:

“Disposable nappies consist of a plastic exterior, an inner super-absorbent layer treated with chemicals, and a liner. One commonly used absorbent chemical, sodium polyacrylate, can trigger allergic reactions. Disposable nappies may also contain dyes and dioxin, a carcinogenic by-product of the chlorine bleaching process.

A study conducted by Anderson Laboratories in 1999 and published in the Archives of Environmental Health found that disposable nappies release volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), including toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene and dipentene. All of these VOCs have been shown to have toxic health effects, such as cancer and brain damage, with long-term or high level exposure.”

Wouldn’t you rather wear underwear made from natural, soft bamboo/cotton than underwear made from paper, wood pulp and plastic?

So, the fact that you’re here at our lovely website means you are concerned about what is best for your family and also what is best for our amazing planet earth. It may be too much to ask you to save the planet on your own, but you can make a difference – One.Nappy.At.A.Time. Your baby will thank you, your wallet will thank you and our planet will thank you too!