About us

At Fancypants we have spent a lot of time designing and refining our nappies to create, what we believe, to be the best cloth nappies in the South African market. We have tested and re-tested our colourful cloth nappies in all sorts of conditions and on many different babies and toddlers to ensure that they can fit all sorts of shapes and sizes. But how did it all start?

It all began when two first time mothers quickly became aware of the fact that many of the things they had used in the past (such as chemicals in household cleaning products, body lotions, non-organic foods, etc.) had harmful components in them that were not suitable for our precious little ones. And disposable nappies were no exception. So, began the journey of trying to find the best products for their babies, including finding a suitable real nappy. After much searching and trialling and not being able to find a re-usable cloth nappy that was environmentally friendly; yet affordable, highly absorbent; yet not too bulky, safe for baby’s skin; yet easy enough for dads to use, really cute and fun to wear; yet easy to wash, they decided to make their own.

Thus, Fancypants was born! It started by designing and creating amazing washable cloth nappies that were super absorbent and made of natural material. The successful development of the Fancypants brand of nappies then led to the development of Bamboo nappy liners and Super Nappy Wash. As they continued on their journey of motherhood, they also saw the need for potty training pants, swim nappies, night time nappies, covers and booster pads. All of these items have again been created with the same attention to detail and uncompromising use of quality natural fabrics as our Original nappies.