Universal Colour Change Bottle Grippers

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The Universal Colour Change Bottle Gripper is a versatile safety solution for the major brand wide-neck bottles small and tall!


Product Description

Simply stretch the Universal Colour Change Bottle Grippers over your wide-neck baby bottle to give your baby extra grip as well as feeling safe knowing you will always be feeding at the correct temperature with Cherub Baby’s innovative colour change technology. The Universal Colour Change Bottle Grippers comes in a range of fun colours to suit your taste. The silicone sleeve is removable for easy washing and will change from the vibrant colour to white when the liquid inside the bottle is 42 degrees or over. 42 degrees is the recommended highest temperature for baby milk and other liquids. The sleeve is not only a great colour; it is designed so you can see the level of the milk in the bottle while providing an anti-slip grip for you and your baby. The 100% BPA Free food grade silicon is also durable and long lasting, remaining vibrant for the duration of feeding!

Storage, Cleaning and Compatibility: Always store the sleeves in a dry area out of direct sunlight To clean please hand wash and rinse. The colour change sleeves are not recommended to be microwaved or sterilised, however they can be warmed in water

Included in the pack:

•  2 x Wide-neck Colour Change Silicon Bottle Grippers

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