Starter Kit Combo

R1,065.00 R905.25

Are you just beginning your cloth nappy “stash” and not sure what to buy?  We have put together a small kit at a discount of 15% off that lets you explore each of our different nappy types to see which you like best.


Product Description

This discounted Kit is a combination of the most popular two nappies in both our brands, Fancypants and Bamboo Baby.  Each pack includes:

1 Originals Pocket Nappy with 2 Bamboo inserts
1 AIO Nappy (2 inserts sewn into each nappy)
1 Bamboo Baby Sleeve Nappy (2 combo inserts)
1 Bamboo Baby AIO Nappy (2 inserts sewn into each nappy)
1 roll of bamboo nappy liners – all natural against babies skin and biodegradable (each roll includes 100 liners)
2 Fleece Liners

All nappies are OSFM (approximately 5 – 17 kg).  Please make your girl, boy or unisex pack selection above.