1 Originals with Grey
Buttercup-Nappy-Full-Size1Cherry-Nappy1Blueberry-Nappy-Full-Size3Coconut-Nappy1Grey BackLollipop-Nappy-Full-Size1Splash-Nappy-Full-SizeSweetpea-Nappy-Full-Size1Tangerine-Nappy-Full-Size1Inside of Nappy

Originals Pocket Solid Coloured Bamboo Nappies (with Bamboo Inserts)


Our brand new luxurious bamboo all-in-one nappies are made with a soft waterproof outer fabric and are lined with a plush 70% bamboo / 30% organic cotton material and feature a double opening pocket design for ease of washing.   And now for the first time ever the nappies are available with two velvety soft, anti-bacterial, slim fitting bamboo inserts.  It’s the natural way to go and the ultimate in cloth nappies.

To keep it simple we let you buy as many Fancypants nappies as you would like.  There are no set packs but there are discounts if you purchase greater quantities – see below:

  • 1 – 2 nappies = R 320 each
  • 3 – 9 nappies = R 315 each
  • 10 – 19 nappies = R 305 each
  • 20+ nappies = R 300 each

Choose from our 9 fancy colours, enter qty and create the colour combination that you prefer.

Sweetpea-Nappy-Full-Size1 R320.00
Grey Back R320.00
Tangerine-Nappy-Full-Size1 R320.00
Splash-Nappy-Full-Size R320.00
Lollipop-Nappy-Full-Size1 R320.00
Coconut-Nappy1 R320.00
Cherry-Nappy1 R320.00
Blueberry-Nappy-Full-Size3 R320.00
Buttercup-Nappy-Full-Size1 R320.00

Product Description

Our new bamboo nappy has arrived!  Each nappy comes with two highly absorbent, all natural bamboo inserts –  all that you need to get started!  Our bamboo nappies come in one size only and fit most babies from birth to potty training (approximately 3.5kgs to 17kgs).


Additional Information

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