What are the differences between the Basics, Originals & Designer nappies?
What is the difference between bamboo inserts microfibre inserts?
What do I need to get started?
How often should I change a Fancypants nappy?
How many reusable cloth nappies do I need?
How do I fit a Fancypants nappy?
How do I ensure the nappy fits properly?
How do I wash the nappies?
Can I use soapnuts with any temperature water?
Can I use a detergent other than soapnuts?
Can I wash my Fancypants nappies all together? Are they colourfast?
Can I use bum cream?
Should I soak the nappies in a sterilizing solution or cleanser?
Aren’t you wasting more water by washing nappies versus using disposables?
How much does shipping cost and how long will it take?
I love my Fancypants - how can I become a Distributor?